Europe Positions


Markenverband campaigns for a Europe which is capable of taking decisions to further develop the single market guided by the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality. We support an open Europe which is committed to a multilaterally agreed system of liberal free trade and to the protection of intellectual property. We support a forward-looking Europe which gives precedence to competition in all policy areas and which meets the requirements of better regulation.

In concrete terms, we call for:

-       an open and functioning internal market,

-       competition which delivers appropriate prices, efficient use of resources as
well as consumer-oriented products and services,

-      informed and responsible consumers,

-      effective protection of intellectual property which stimulates innovation,
cross-border trade and a competitive information society,

-       well thought-out sustainability beyond products and processes,

-       functioning supply chains on first-class infrastructure.


Ansprechpartner: Anja Siegemund, Leiterin Büro Brüssel